The AMONI Creative Folk

I am delighted to be once again writing about an indie women productions show. This time it is a beautiful musical set in 1960’s Ireland. So you might ask why this show.  This is a favourite of our musical director, Paul Legault and has become a favourite of us all.

Before I tell you about the show itself, I want to introduce you to the creative folks who are bringing us the show.

Maxim David, Artistic Director

Maxim David is our Artistic Director.  You might have seen Max in indie women productions’ second Next to Normal, where he played Henry, or perhaps in Orpheus’ production of RENT, where he played Collins. He’s a theatre guy day and night, having studied theatre at Collège Lionel-Groulx in Ste-Thérèse, Quebec. This time he’s on the other side, bringing this wonderful story to life. (Photo credit Patrick J. Whitfield)

Paul Legault
Paul Legault, Music Director

Paul Legault is our Musical Director.  Paul was Musical Director for the first Next to Normal and we’re glad to have him back. He’s worked on many musicals with Orpheus and even some with OLT. Memorable shows for me, which he musical directed include Titanic (Orpheus) and Jasper Station (OLT). A public servant by day, he fills his non-work time with music, whether, directing, accompanying or playing in the orchestra. (Photo credit Patrick J. Whitfield)

Rowan Dupuis, Choreographer

Rowan Dupuis is our Choreographer. She came to us through cast member Sarah Olberg and we’re glad to have found her. This show needs a special kind of choreographer, who can work in the field of Irish dance. Rowan is a professional Irish dancer and choreographer and studied at Sue Fae Healy Studio in Ottawa. (Photo credit Patrick J. Whitfield)

Our wonderful creative team is supported by two extraordinary women.

C. Lee Bates
C. Lee Bates, Executive Director

C. Lee Bates (Cindi to many of us, C. Lee to others) is the Artistic Director for indie women productions and one of the original indie women. She directed both productions of Next to Normal and Bingo Ladies. She has worked on numerous productions before indie women in Perth and Ottawa and has been a driving force behind the company. This year she invited two talented young men to direct and has worked closely with them as a mentor. (Photo credit Patrick J. Whitfield)

Skye MacDiarmid
Skye MacDiarmid, Apprentice Musical Director

Skye MacDiarmid was our beautiful lead, Diana, in both productions of Next to Normal. She worked with Paul Legault as an Assistant on Orpheus’ production of Spring Awakening and liked it so much she’s back with Paul and moving up to Apprentice. I look forward to a show where she will be Musical Director. When not singing or directing, Skye is studying or teaching singing or looking after her own cast of five. (Photo credit Patrick J. Whitfield)

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